It's safe to say that animals make us chuckle. If we had to do some back-of-the-napkin math, we'd guess that half of YouTube is puppies falling asleep, head-butting deer and licking llamas.

Now you can get your laugh on with the animal crew of "The Barn." We're happy to welcome the feisty group of Rory, the sheep, Stan, the bull, and the rest of the birds, pigs and others to the pages of the newest and coolest e-book available.

"The Barn: From the Beginning" contains the first year of strips of the beloved comic. The Barn comic has been in papers since 2008 and has found fans in Canada, across the United States and to far away places like India and the Netherlands.

This e-book is available on your favorite e-reader, ensuring that you can enjoy the antics of Rory and Stan wherever you are.